I have to say that I am disappointed by the respect shown to the Lack's family. Many people profited of Henrietta's cells and no respects have been payed to the family, no finical aid for the harassment they endured. That is just wrong. I find it touching that someone cared enough to dig for years to find the truth about Henrietta, especially with no reward or anything else. I also like that we learned about Henrietta's life not just her cells. She was a tough women, many people would complain about cancer or the treatment, yet she was extraordinary enough to endure all this and keep loving her children to the end. I find it extraordinary that one women's cells changed the face of medicine. Even more extraordinary that this was the one women's cells who would be immortal. We need to be thankful for all the cures that HeLa cells allowed us to discover and even more thankful that she died because of the cells that have saved lives. I have to say the most touching part of the story was either on page 66 were George Gey supposedly visited Henrietta and told her that her cells would help save lives, that or pages 83 & 84 where Emmett Lacks and his friends visited Henrietta in the hospital to donate blood and it describes how Henrettia helped them when they first showed up in the city.  
Macy Phillips
2/13/2013 12:15:05

Rebecca Skloot was very thoughtful to take so much time to write this book with so much love. When Skloot mentioned how she was riding up and down Lacks Town Road without a muffler trying to find Cootie, I thought to myself, "She is really dedicated!". You can tell while reading Part 1 of the book that there was nothing that was going to stop her from getting the most information she could about Henrietta and the HeLa cells. It warms my heart to know how much she wanted to tell Henrietta's story to the world and give her the justice she deserved.

Matthew Glynn
2/13/2013 22:09:30

I agree, Henrietta never complained about her cancer and never stop caring for herself and her family. Most people would "give up on life," but not Henrietta. The doctors should have told Henrietta's family about the HeLa cells. What if she passed the gene onto her children? What if her children have cancer? These are things the family would like to know, because it could drastically change their life's.

Kaleb Morrow
2/13/2013 22:15:29

I agree with you and my heart goes out to the family and Henrietta. Her cells are truly a scientific miracle that revolutionized modern medicine. I hope that one day she is widely recognized for this contribution and properly honored.

2/13/2013 23:41:15

I agree with your points. Henrietta's family was completely left out of the equation -- they were never considered. Also, the fact that scientists make millions off of Henrietta's cells while her family gets nothing is appalling. I also agree with the fact that we should all be extremely thankful for Henrietta's life, death, and her unknowing contribution to science.

Holden Gowan
2/13/2013 23:53:44

I also thought the respect to the family was terrible. It makes you feel so sad for the family. They lost a loved one, and they weren't even told about the HeLa cells for a long time. However, I still think this is a very good book. I liked how tough Henrietta was. I can't wait to read more of this book.

Jacob Blanton
2/14/2013 00:48:48

You did a very good job explaining your emotions about this part of the book. I agree with you on how Henrietta handled the cancer. She was a brave warrior and would never let anyone see any fear in her eyes, up until the night she died. Only advice I have is to start including some references into your blog (page numbers, chapters, etc.).

Eric Brigman
2/14/2013 08:05:35

You talked about something I didn't think of which is the money they deserve for them using her cells. The family never heard or learned anything about her cells. The whole family deserves to know about her cells so I wonder if they find out in the rest of the book.

Aaron Greene
2/14/2013 11:58:43

I totally agree with the emotions that you have for this section of the book. I just do not get why did they never contacting the family or Henrietta about her cells or her medical records. If they hid it for the money they did it for the wrong reason and should have came out and told everybody why they held out her records for the money. I'm thankful that the author wrote this book to tell what this family went through during Henrietta time and after she passed away.

Josh P.
2/15/2013 00:11:45

Great summary. We can't help but feel for Henrietta for her situation. This book has been nothing but emotional and inspirational. I can't believe all she went through, but she was indeed a tough woman! Her cells have helped us so much in the recent years especially in the fields of cell culture and research.


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