Ok so Henrietta Lacks part three, defiantly the best and the worst. It started out talking about the lawsuits that were happening at the time like John Moore's liver in pages 199-201 which was really boring. However when it got to the part about Rebecca meeting the family and Deborah I couldn't stop reading.  All the time that Rebecca spent talking to Deborah and Deborah still didn't trust her, that just shows the depth of the betrayal that others had done to the Lacks family. Then when Rebecca finally met Zakariyya at the assisted living facility Zakariyya was described nothing like I expected him to be. Then when Rebecca, Deborah, and Zakariyya visited Christopher Lengauer's to see the HeLa cells that was cool for them. Then Rebecca and Deborah did there road trip and Deborah and high blood pressure because of what she found out about Elsie. One thing that repeated throughout the novel was Lawrence wanted to sue Hopkins and I wish he would just let suing Hopkins go. I noticed the time difference between the 37th and 38th paragraphs and I wondered what was going to happen in the time difference. Chapter 37 ends with a congregation singing Rebecca's praises. Chapter 38 you find out that Clover has been destroyed, Day, Cootie, Gary are dead.  Sonny then had to have surgery and woke up 125,000 dollars in debt, I think a couple international million dollar industries should pick up the check. Then the most devastating loss Deborah.  Her death must have hit Rebecca hard after all they went through, the Lacks family had to be devastated as well. When Rebecca heard from Sonny it was sad but when the story talked about Sonny putting Deborah's hair in Henrietta's bible and her being there in a better place with Elsie and Henrietta, well if you didn't feel anything there your made of stone. Finally when they are watching the video's of Deborah and she says she wants to have cells like HeLa and help people, you finally see that she truly accepts the HeLa cells and even a stone had to feel soemthing ther
3/20/2013 12:01:49 am

I agree with your statement of stone, anyone reading this chapter would have to feel something. If you were in the families position, how would you react?

Katie Glover
3/20/2013 12:22:25 pm

If I were Deborah, I would have also been skeptical of letting Skloot into my life because everyone used the Lacks family but never gave them answers. I think it is awesome that Skloot cared so much about the family and getting Henrietta's story out there because Henrietta deserved recognition. It was also awesome that Deborah and Zakariyya got to see their mother's cells; that had to be a huge day for them. Nice post :)

Jacob Blanton
3/24/2013 01:36:14 am

I too found it hard to quit reading when Deborah and Rebecca started talking. Like you said, the fact that Deborah never really trusted Rebecca shows how betrayed the Lacks family feels. You had a grammatical error in your seventh sentence (their not there). I too felt that the most devastating loss was Deborah. She had been through so much. The part where the hair was placed in Henrietta's Bible was very touching. Your blog hit the main points, it was good, except for the grammatical error. :)

Ashton Hunt
3/24/2013 03:31:27 am

I thought the same things about several things that you mentioned. First off, I found it very interesting that after so long, Deborah still did not trust Rebecca fully. Deborah kept asking Rebecca who was paying her to find out all of the information about Henrietta Lacks. This shows that Deborah was still having major trust issues concerning the HeLa cells. I really enjoyed the part when they saw the HeLa cells for the first time. Deborah and Zakariyya seemed to enjoy that moment so much. Also, like you said, Rebecca probably felt very attached to Deborah after spending so much time with her, so when she got the call about Deborah’s death, Rebecca probably mourned just as much as some of her family. Good job!

Eric Brigman
3/24/2013 03:54:48 am

When you said you couldn't stop reading about when Rebecca met the family. I couldn't stop reading either. However I had to stop and think about Deborah life when Deborah wouldn't trust Rebecca, but you would have to suspect that after what they went through. Also I have to agree that the million dollar industries should pay for Sonny surgery.

Holden Gowan
3/24/2013 06:16:51 am

Like you, I was very interested when it got to the part where Rebecca got to meet Henrietta's family. I enjoyed reading about Deborah and what all she had went through. Deborah's death took me by complete surprise. It was very hard to read, and I can't imagine how Rebecca must have felt after she learned of Deborah's passing. I also found it very moving that Deborah wanted to have cells like her mother's HeLa cells. Nice post!


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