I have to admit that it ticks me off that her family is getting pretty much screwed. Lets see a billion dollar industry yet the family that deserves the credit can't afford health insurance. The book is really good and Rebecca Skloot did a marvelous job finding all the information and her investigations. Henrietta's family deserves better. I'm glad that for the most part they seem content with there life but it seems that the injustices once committed can't be paid for even though it can easily be afforded by those who have flourished off of HeLa cells. I really think that Henrietta's family is glad that Henrietta is still helping people. It is just so wrong, we remember people like Adolf Hitler, and Benito Mussolini. Yet those who died and gave life saving cures to science are buried in unmarked and uncared for graves that is mentioned on page 121. 
Macy Phillips
3/5/2013 03:08:04 am

Henrietta's family did deserve so much especially with how much they were struggling financially. I respect Rebecca Skloot so much with how seriously she took this book. She really went over and above what she could've done to get all the information she needed to make her novel successful. Great job with letting your opinion be heard!

Holden Gowan
3/5/2013 03:36:40 am

The treatment of the Lacks family also angers me greatly. I mean, they honestly got treated like they didn't matter at all. I am glad that you also mentioned how you thought that Rebecca Skloot did an amazing job with this book. The way she investigated this story of Henrietta Lacks was very compelling and riveting. It is sad that those who died and gave life saving cures to science are never mentioned in history classes. It is a very sad truth.

Ashton Hunt
3/5/2013 03:45:42 am

I also found it to be pretty ridiculous that Henrietta’s family cannot even afford health insurance. Her family does seem to be pretty content with their lives though. I think that her family is happy though that so many discoveries have been made with the HeLa cells. Henrietta Lacks definitely deserved to be remembered for years to come, but sadly she is not remembered. Until we started reading this book, I had never even heard of Henrietta Lacks.

Katie Glover
3/5/2013 05:49:45 am

It am also irritated by the fact that her family is not reaping the benefits of everything that her cells have contributed to. Scientists used HeLa cells to experiment with the polio vaccine and many other medications and diseases. Also, companies that grew the cells and sold them made tons of money, yet Henrietta's actual family did not make anything off of them. At times, the family brings up how they haven't gotten a dime of the money made from the cells, but for the most part, they seem to live a genuinely happy life. I think family closest to her cares more about how they were uninformed that her cells were alive the whole time than the money they have not gotten off of them.

Matthew Glynn
3/5/2013 08:22:05 am

The fact that the Lacks family couldn't even get insurance shows how injustice our society was. She is the main reason why a whole industry was made for research on cells. Her cells help provide vaccines for diseases and also helped stop polio! It is frustrating to know that her family is being treated unfair and I hope that everything works out in their favor in part 3.

Josh Parks
3/5/2013 09:14:00 am

I agree with you man. The Lack's family, after all the trouble, really deserved more respect. It kinda just makes you sad finding out just how bad they were treated. And you're right about Skloot. She did a great job on gathering this information in her investigations. I can't wait to see what section 3 holds for us. Great blog post!

Eric Brigman
3/5/2013 10:26:08 am

I have to agree that the family was treated unfairly. They didn't get any money and her cells made a billion dollar industry. Many people have made discoveries with her cells and they don't even know whose cells they were. Henrietta Lacks is a name that should be remembered, but no one knew who she was.

Katalyn Conner
3/6/2013 10:02:38 am

I really liked your post Morgan. It never crossed my mind about what you said in your last two sentences. How we can remember Adolf Hitler who did great harm to so many Jews, but we can not even talk about Henrietta Lacks in history who did so much for people without her evening knowing, nor her family. Her and her family deserved so much more than they got and Henrietta definitely deserved to be buried in a marked grave. I really agree with everything you had to say.

Jenna Dotson
3/7/2013 06:49:40 am

The Lacks family did deserve health care and should have gotten some of the money being made off of their mother's cells. I know the industry had more than enough money to spare some for the family of the person which the cells had come from. Also I agree with you Rebecca Skloot did an amazing job writing this book. I like how you brought up the point about the other famous people who discriminated against one race. It is crazy how we remember them but not scientist, but then again, they were open about what they were doing. Not many scientist are open with what they were doing or they were giving them something in return like money or shelter. Hitler did not give anyone anything so there is a difference.

Jessi Toney
3/7/2013 11:50:50 am

I totally agree that Henrietta's family deserves much more. Much like you said, I'm sure that her family is glad that her cells are helping so many people, although they weren't even sure at first how she was doing this. If I were in the position of any member of the Lacks family, I would be very happy that Henrietta's cells were helping so much in science, however I would be a little more than upset at the fact that she is not very well recognized for her contributions.


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